As new parents or experienced parents (as I am)  we all want to make sure our babies are comfortable, warm and feel safe, especially during those first few months of life!  (However I still worry and my babies are 15 and 18 now!! Ha!) 

After almost 15 years creating and making newborn essentials I have paired it down to specializing in a few of the most basic yet important items you will need for your sweet new babe.

We've worked to revamp and rebrand Westcoast Baby to suit the needs of the modern mom.  We locally source and manufacture all of our items here in Vancouver, BC!

My guarantee to all you new parents, you will be so happy with your purchases that you will wish your baby would stay small longer just so they can wear our clothing longer!!

Stay posted for info on how to swaddle, how to dress your babies in our longtime classic the Infant Kimono Wrap, see testimonials of how perfect our Newborn hats fit your little one and get announcements on New exciting market edition items and new Layette items!

Happy shopping and feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or feedback <3 

Amanda Omand

Owner, Creator 

Westcoast Baby


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