Did you know we are now donating one item of clothing or accessories to our local NICU in Vancouver BC for every order?  

After reading stories of hundreds of moms and dads who go through an often highly traumatic experience with their babies in NICU for weeks and sometimes months or years we wanted to do our part in making the experience a bit more bearable. 

Our little tiny items are perfect for NICU babies.  The kimono wrap is especially practical as it allows for cords and scans without fully undressing these little ones.  No snaps buttons or closure other than the ties.  Also it easily allows skin to skin contact which is absolutely essential for baby wellness.  The soft fabric is perfect for little ones delicate skin.

We are commited to making this donation process a permanent part of our shop so you can feel good knowing every time you purchase from us you are giving back to another little one.


Amanda and the Westcoast Baby Team


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