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Babies are small. Yes this is a fact. My babies were both under 7 lbs and surprisingly it was tough to put them in what I thought were regular newborn outfits. The second time around when baby E was born I wised up and purchased quite a few 5-9lb tops, hats, and gowns. This was very helpful since she was 3 weeks early and stayed under 8lbs for her first month or so. If I hadn't found companies that really knew how to dress a lightweight newborn she would have been swimming in clothes that were too big, unsafe, and not cozy. A un-cozy baby? Oy- what a thought.

Westcoast Baby has the right idea with their nesting kit. Complete with Infant Kimono (great for not having to put something over baby's head), Infant Beanie Hat, and Cocoon Blanket, the complete set comes in a handful of hip and cozy colors. Sizing 5-9lbs, or 8-12lbs. The nesting kit comes in a keepsake tin (so when they are done wearing their cozy outfit you can preserve it forever), and all pieces are made from a super soft knit jersey fabric.


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